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CfP – I luoghi della fantasia


Dal 22 al 26 agosto 2016 si tiene a Galway, in Irlanda, la conferenza della European Society for the Study of English (ESSE). Tra i temi proposti, la letteratura fantastica e il luogo (Fantasy Literature and Place). Il termine per l’invio di proposte è il 28 febbraio 2016.

Galway Monday 22nd – Friday 26th August 2016
S85 – Fantasy Literature & Place

Many fantasy texts are deeply concerned with issues of place. The imagined landscapes of fantasy literature may reflect real locations and engage with the histories, cultures and literary representations of those places.
Alternatively, narratives may unfold in entirely unfamiliar worlds and make use of metatextual devices, such as maps, to form and frame the landscape.
This seminar reflects the growing critical awareness of the importance of place in fantasy literature and the potential relationships between Europe and the other worlds of fantasy fiction.

Call for Papers
We invite proposals for papers exploring the role of place in fantasy literature. Possible topics may include:
– world-building
– fantasy and national identity
– maps and mapping
– wilderness
– utopia and dystopia
– urban fantasy.

We particularly welcome papers addressing fantasy in Europe and papers on fantasy in other English-language cultures.

Please send an abstract (200 to 300 words) and a short biography to both convenors by February 28 2016.

Jane Suzanne Carroll, University of Roehampton, UK (
Anja Müller, University of Siegen, Germany (

Following the ESSE seminar format, which favours discussion over the mere reading of papers, participants will be expected to have a full version of their paper complete by 31 July 2016 for circulation among all seminar speakers. Seminar presentations during the conference should only cover the major insights and theses of the full paper and must not exceed a maximum of 15 minutes to time for questions, discussion, and debate.

ESSE Galway 2016 conference URL:



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