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Lavoro, Modern Italy cerca 3 redattori


La rivista Modern Italy, pubblicata dalla Cambridge University Press, cerca 3 redattori. Tra la varie attività, dovranno tenere rapporti con gli editori e con gli accademici. È richiesta una specializzazione in italianistica (nei campi storico, culturale, politico, economico). Termine per le candidature è il 18 settembre 2015.

Vacancy: Book-review co-editor

Founded in 1995 by the Association for the Study of Modern Italy (UK), Modern Italy is a leading journal of Italian studies, published by Cambridge University Press (from 2016). The journal’s focus is the society, economy, culture, history, and politics of Italy from the eighteenth century to the present.

Modern Italy’s general editors invite applications for new book review editors.

The journal’s recently appointed general editors, Penelope Morris (Glasgow) and Mark Seymour (Otago), seek new book review editors to join their editorial team. We envisage a total of three book review editors, who will collectively oversee all aspects of this important section of the journal: soliciting books from presses, commissioning reviews from scholars; and editing reviews before they go to press.
The ideal candidates will be energetic early-to-mid career academics specialising in Italian culture, politics, economics or history, who relish the opportunity to be directly involved in contributing to and shaping our field. Since our ongoing book review editor is based in Europe, we particularly welcome applications from scholars based in North America and Australasia. Our book review editors will need to be able to read Italian and to write perfect English.

To apply, please send a CV and letter of application, stating why you are interested, either to Penelope Morris or Mark Seymour.
The closing date for applications is Friday 18 September 2015.



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