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Italianistica, 1 posto all’Università di Stoccolma


Il Dipartimento di Studi Romanzi dell’Università di Stoccolma cerca un professore di italiano. Il professore dovrà condurre attività sia di insegnamento che di ricerca. È richiesta la conoscenza della lingua svedese o di un’altra lingua scandinava. Il termine per l’invio della domanda è il 14 ottobre 2014.

Professor in Italian to the Department of Romance Studies and Classics

Stockholm University has been offering academic courses in Romance languages since the 1920s. The first professorship in Romance languages was established in 1937. The undergraduate courses were in the 60s divided into four languages: French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. This is still the situation, as Italian is part of the department for Romance studies and classics. Besides these subjects the department also includes Latin American studies, Latin and Greek. The department admits about 350 undergraduate students in Italian. Four graduate students in Italian are expected to finish their studies soon and new graduate students will be recruited as the new professor has been employed. The department’s researchers are part of several leading/potentially leading research areas within the Faculty: second language acquisition, Romance linguistics, literary studies philology and interpretation and translation. The staff of the Department amounts to about 80 employees.

Responsibilities – The professor is expected to conduct research, planning and management of research and teaching and supervision, on graduate level as well as on undergraduate level. The professor is also expected to participate in internal activities and to accept undertaking administrative and investigative assignments, including participation in the work groups. Furthermore, the professor is expected to initiate research projects, and actively pursue external research funding, as well as to stay updated on developments of the research subject and university education area.
In addition, the professor is expected to establish contacts outside of the department, as well as representing Italian as a research and teaching area.

Qualification requirements – Applicants should present documented evidence of their research expertise and teaching ability within the field of Italian. Scientific skill should be at professor level in Italian Linguistics. Demonstrated excellent proficiency in spoken as well as written Italian at a high scientific level is required. The position requires documented knowledge of English at an acceptable academic level. The applicant must also demonstrate a good command in Swedish (or another Nordic language), required for cooperation in the department, faculty, university, and society at large in accordance with the above description of main responsibilities. Alternatively, the applicant is expected to acquire such a command within the initial two years of employment.
The applicant must show the ability to collaborate, and that he/she has the necessary background to perform satisfactorily the duties of the position.

Assessment criteria – In the appointment process special emphasis will be paid to scientific skills, also teaching proficiency is to be given great importance. As being the only professor in Italian great emphasis will be paid to broad linguistic competence, in both research and education in Italian. Successful supervision of theses and dissertations is regarded as a particularly important part of both the educational and scientific skills. Important is also administrative skills, consisting shown leadership, and ability to interact with the community, ability to inform about research and development and ability to carry out international research collaborations. Expertise in Italian literature, comparative literature and cultural studies is desirable, as is proven scientific excellence in other Romance languages.

Teaching and learning theory – Higher education teaching theory, or corresponding knowledge obtained in another manner, is to be given credit. Candidates lacking formal advanced education in teaching theory, corresponding to a minimum of 7.5 higher education credits, and who are judged not in possession of corresponding teaching skills, must pursue such studies during the first two years of employment.

Further information

Deadline for applications is October 14 2014.
Please mark your application with ref no SU FV-1357-14.

Further information please visit:
Stockholm University:
Department of Romance Studies and Classics:



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