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CfP – La fantascienza italiana


La produzione di fantascienza in Italia comprende letteratura ma anche film, illustrazione, fumetti, con caratteristiche proprie e spesso di buona qualità. Tuttavia, tale produzione è poco conosciuta all’estero.
Perciò, la rivista accademica Science Fiction Studies dedicherà un numero speciale alla fantascienza italiana e lancia un call for papers. L’abstract del saggio che si intende proporre deve essere spedito entro il 30 settembre 2013. Se viene accettato, il saggio deve essere completato entro il 31 maggio 2014.

CfP: Italian Science Fiction

While marginalized in Italy and virtually unknown in English-speaking countries (and most of the world), Italian science fiction exists.
Italians have been writing SF literature and comics, making SF films, and designing SF covers for many decades. Italy’s SF production has a rich history of exceptional authors and artists and a large body of work with a deep humanistic, psychological, and experimental bend.

We are gathering essays for a special issue on “Italian SF” for Science Fiction Studies ( ).

This will be the first special issue on Italian SF in an English-language academic journal. Our goal is to offer readers primarily SF scholars an overview of the Italian SF scene, past and present. Topics of interest include the following:

In-depth analyses of single authors or texts broader views of themes and subgenres (utopia/dystopia, gender, etc.), movements, or publications Italian SF cinema, television, illustration, comics/graphic novels, and other media the socio-cultural impact of Italian SF vis-à-vis Italy’s political-economic background, from Fascism to globalization.

Call for papers
If you would like to propose an essay, please email us an abstract (max. 500 words) on or by September 30, 2013.
If your proposal is accepted by the editorial staff at Science Fiction Studies, we will need the completed article (5,000 to 7,000 words) by May 31, 2014.
Science Fiction Studies is a peer-reviewed journal and all submitted articles will be evaluated by outside SF scholars and the editorial board. Final acceptance will be based on these reports.

Abstracts should be sent via email as an MS Word attachment or included within the body of the email no later than Semptember 30, 2013 to:
– Umberto Rossi
– Arielle Saiber
– Salvatore Proietti

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email us.




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